Elemento Deserto

Blazing sun, cavernous badlands, spaghetti western region. Songs full of ill-fated characters, desires for revenge and cursed love affairs. Acid/kraut/garage/psychedelic rock, electrified folk, blues.
Love, sweet, sweat, heat, heart, blood, tears, pain, happiness.
All of these are in their songs.
Elemento Deserto, a quartet from Granada, Spain.
Their music resembles a zesty custard apple in an oasis, after several days of thirst. It sounds like the wall that connects with an adjacent apartment, where Captain Beefheart, Leadbelly and Paquita la del Barrio play dominoes every night. It produces the same feeling as seeing a plastic doll in your gloomy living room, or as resting on a colorful rubber ring, floating on a pond. It reminds you of the time that, after arriving late at a bizarre spaghetti western set, you had to resign yourself to cleaning up after the actors. Elemento Deserto boast of their knowledge of every mountain flower and its effects.

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