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  • Thanks to Okabre “A Page Of Madness” is no more silent

    “A Page Of Madness” (LEI 9), the alternative score for the the film of the same name by Teinosuke Kinogasa, is Okabre‘s debut for Mai Lei Bel and it’s out now.>>> When a silent film is transformed into a spectacular sound delight. <<< Available on black marbled transparent vinyl and digitally (postcard).

  • “Message Received” single by Okabre just released

    Okabre released “Message Received”, digi only single from the forthcoming album “A Page Of Madness” (LEI 9) which is due to be released on 29-September-2023. When a silent film is transformed into a spectacular sound delight. Watch, listen & enjoy here ⇒ okabre.lnk.to/MessageReceived

  • Pop’n’roll has arrived with “The House Next Door” by Craggy Collyde

    “The House Next Door” (LEI 8) is the debut album by Craggy Collyde and it’s out now on Mai Lei Bel.>>> An electrifying mix of blues-infused, punktinged alternative rock’n’roll, or maybe pop’n’roll, across eleven dynamic and atmospheric tracks. <<< Available on orange vinyl and digitally (postcard).

  • The natural gravity – Okabre & Mai Lei Bel

    Okabre, a sextet from Linz, Austria, composes alternative scores for cinematographic art and transforms silent films into spectacular sound delights. The instrumentation is in constant flux using a wide array of traditional instruments as well as alternatively engineered electronic sound generators and sonic production techniques. Mai Lei Bel is very proud and pleased to announce…

  • Just “Hold Your Head Up High” advise Craggy Collyde in the first single from their debut album

    Craggy Collyde released “Hold Your Head Up High”, digi only single taken from band’s forthcoming debut album for Mai Lei Bel “The House Next Door” (LEI 8) which is due to be released on 22-September-2023. An electrifying punktinged alternative rock’n’roll, or maybe pop’n’roll, accompanied by video shot by Petr Foltýn at About Studio, Brno. Watch, listen…

  • “The Kiss That Opened The Void” – Bleedingblackwood’s premiere signature at Mai Lei Bel

    Bleedingblackwood released “The Kiss That Opened The Void”, digi only single taken from Timo’s forthcoming debut album for Mai Lei Bel “(If You See The Sky) You’re Almost There” (LEI 7) ready for release in September 2023. Music for sad giants, lost dwarfs and fairies on the run. An electronic opera for dark souls, accompanied…

  • Nekosené Lúky are back as a quintet with brand new single “Stopy”

    Nekosené Lúky released “Stopy”, a digi only single taken from their forthcoming album scheduled to be released in late 2023. “Stopy” is an another step on the blues-rock-pop pavement that the band rush down. A perfect example of the “happy blues” offered by their current quintet outfit. Or “unhappy”? Watch, listen & enjoy here ⇒ nekoseneluky.lnk.to/stopy

  • Extra Limited Edition of “33” EP by TRW

    New extra one at Mai Lei Bel. Strictly limited run of 33 copies only.Deluxe hand-numbered vinyl edition featuring custom made picture outer sleeve and collectible postcard.Mai Lei Bel online exclusive item.This is “33 (PIK Edition)” (MAI 7 PIK) EP by TRW.

  • Craggy Collydes with Mai Lei Bel

    British-born Craggy met Slovak Veronika in a bar in Brno, Czechia and realised they shared the same vision for a creative music project. Soon welcoming Tom on the bass guitar, the trio have continued to flourish, mixing their love of various influences to create something that explores the boundaries of alternative rock and roll whilst…

  • Low Zero’s debut for Mai Lei Bel “She Is Orpheus” EP is out now

    A typical unfinished love story or an unfulfilled old love from which only a shadow remained. A 25+ minutes opus, delivers an outstanding mixture of atmospheric and ethereal synth dream electronica in one structural composition. It’s “She Is Orpheus” (MAI 11) EP by Low Zero And The Unknown Pornography Sirens, out now on Mai Lei…