Ática “1 (PIK Edition)”

Catalogue Number: MAI 4 PIK
Release Date: 3 February 2021


Deluxe vinyl limited edition of 44 hand-numbered copies featuring
custom made picture outer sleeve and collectible postcard signed by Ática.
Mai Lei Bel online exclusive item.

Explosive, dirty, noisy, sometimes maybe even brutal.
All of these words could be used to describe Ática’s brand new recordings and debut for Mai Lei Bel. Listening to their “1” EP will overwhelm you with such a huge influx of energy that you will have trouble recognizing whether or not you happen to be right at the live gig.

1. Martirio
2. Respira
3. Playa Granada

4. La Formación Morrison
5. El Asunto Tornasol
6. Se Arrastran
7. 23
8. Qué No Daría Yo


Multicoloured 12″ vinyl record
Custom made spot gloss varnished full picture outer sleeve on matte finish
Black cardboard inner sleeve
Full colour insert
Signed collectible postcard
Mai Lei Bel promo card
Free instant download (MP3, WAV, FLAC, AAC)

A1. Martirio
A2. Respira
A3. Playa Granada
A4. La Formación Morrison
B1. El Asunto Tornasol
B2. Se Arrastran
B3. 23
B4. Qué No Daría Yo

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